Ahooo!!! :D

Your name is JADE HARLEY. You seem to be a deadly NORMAL TEENAGE GIRL. At least, that's by daylight! You have a DARK SECRET that you have managed to hide from your friends for 17 long years, and you hope you can keep it up. Lately your lips are BURNING to spurt your secret out, but you can't! If your friends ever find out you're a WEREWOLF they will never take you seriously anymore! When you were younger you have been bitten by a strange creature, and the next month you found out the consequences! You didn't travel around the island for a long time after that ACCIDENT. Your face turns red in shame as you think of the furry creature you become by full moon, you look like a big puppy humanoid thingy with sharp claws and fur everywhere! You also gain a tail and silly ears. Luckily your agility and power do increase a tad though!

Let's hope no one finds out... :S

(( Rp account for Jade after the game, she still lives on the island and still has her spacey powers (she never ascended though ) ))
(( yep this is incredibly silly
also most reaction images on here and my icon are not made by me and belong to their rightful owners, please ask me if you would like something removed that yours. ))

you have something for me?? :O